Custom Shade Room
Our custom shade room is equipped for smile consultations and artistic designs. Color corrected lighting and a digital camera are used to produce better photo images. A comfortable setting was carefully created for your patient's comfort.
IPS d.SIGN Porcelain
The new IPS d.SIGN porcelain is a milestone in the evolution of metal ceramic technology. This ceramic closely simulates the optical characteristics of natural tooth structure while providing maximum strength and durability. IPS d.SIGN comes closer to mimicking all of the properties of natural teeth than any other dental material to date.
IPS e.MAX is a new highly aesthetic and high-strength all ceramic material for the PRESS and CAD/CAM technology.
Sirona inLab MC XL Milling
Sirona Dental Systems further expands its family of inLab CAD/CAM products with the introduction of its inLab MC XL Milling Unit. Perfect Impressions has the latest Cerec MC XL Milling Unit which provides exceptional precision and quality while speeding up the turn time for your office.
Itero Digital Scanning Systems
Perfect Impressions accepts Itero Digital Scan files direct from your office to speed the turn time. We can accept your scans from all dental digital scanning systems. Call us if you have any questions. We can share with you what scanning systems are popular with our client dentists.
Diagnostic Wax-up Service
Sometimes digital scanning is not the ideal solution. For such cases we offer a diagnostic wax-up service. Call with questions.
IPS Empress
IPS Empress can offer your patients a clinically proven product, which offers excellent fit, wear and the ultimate in esthetics.
 - IPS Empress restorations wear like enamel.
 - Over 25 million Empress restorations have been placed in the last 25 years.
 - Indicated for inlays, veneers, and anterior crowns.
ITI Strauman Implants
Straumann implants are available in the material and surface combinations of Roxolid® SLActive®, Roxolid® SLA® and Titanium SLA®.
Other Services and Products:

 - Case Presentation/Planning
 - Custom Implants/Zirconia Abutments, etc
 - PVC/Nobel & High Nobel PVC
 - Provisionals
 - Full Cast Crowns
 - In-house Custom Shade
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