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January 20, 2009

Gail Johnson, CDT, established owner of Perfect Impressions dental laboratory, is one of the less than 300 dental practitioners worldwide to train in and practice the advanced techniques of Bioesthetics. This new paragigm of dentistry, based on optimal biology, was discovered by dentist and biologist Robert L. Lee, D.D.S. over twenty years ago. His observations and subsequent measurements became the foundation for today’s Bioesthetic Dentistry, which follow nature’s ideal relationships of form to function to re-create a mouth and bite that can support health and beauty for the life of the patient.

Current dentistry is primarily based on treating disease symptoms, not causes. Such things as cracked teeth, gum disease, neck pain and severe headaches, as well as cosmetic repairs, have been treated as separate issues. Dr. Lee found that the cause of most dental problems was the relationship of the jaw to the teeth and its effect on facial muscles and nerves, which need to be aligned as nature intended to provide natural wellness and lifelong beauty.

It is estimated that less than 5% of the population at any given time are lucky enough to be born wiht nature’s optimal dental system. These lucky individuals are disease-free even into old age, needing little or no restorative dental work and having smiles and faces that are consistently beautiful at any age.

This biologically healthy approach to dentistry is taught only by the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Lee’s work ahs been carried forward in this rigorous post-doctoral program taught today in four levels. Dentists travel from all over the world to learn ways to provide their patients with the ultimate in life-long dental health and aesthetic beauty.

Those who practice this dental protocol can give their patients what nature would have intended in a perfect world. Diagnosis and treatment involve seating the jaw properly in its socket so that it can allow the facial and neck muscles to relax and play their own part in this beautiful system. Once the jaw is stabilized, restorative dental work is completed finishing nature’s perfect dental system. The results are remarkable.

As the precise positioning and alignments are introduced to the mouth, painful, perhaps chronic headaches disappear, smiles widen and eyes often appear to be younger and larger as facial muscles relax into their proper positions. Complete Bioesthetic rejuvenation results in a face appearing younger, fuller and more open.

Gail Johnson is one of the first dental technicians in our area to embrace this advanced wellness paradigm, which is poised to become the vanguard of 21st century dentistry. Once this paradigm is known, Bioesthetic Dentistry will become the standard of diagnosis and care. For more information on Gail’s approach to a healthy smile, call 972-385-2295 or visit her website at

To find out more about Bioesthetic Dentistry, go to the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry on line at

January 31, 2009

On January 31, 2009 Gail Johnson, CDT of Plano, Texas completed the Aesthetics course at The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Key Biscayne, Florida. She participated in a class for dentists desiring to intensively look at designing naturally beautiful smiles in such a way as to optimize the long-term oral health, comfort, function and appearance of their patients.

The Pankey Institute for Advanced Education offers a comprehensive learning experience for dentists and other dental professionals. Its courses of study are recognized by leading dental associations and attract students from all over the world who want to provide their patients with top-quality, personalized care. Its state-of-the-science facility, curriculum, and renowned faculty make The Pankey Institute the premier post-graduate experience in dentistry.

Gail’s philosophy is to work in partnership with the dentist. She believes the best way to achieve a high quality restoration is to work together as a team. She is dedicated to understanding the dentists individual needs and goes above and beyond to create a smiles that exceeds patients expectations.

Her strive for excellence and perfection is evident as she attends multiple continuing education courses through out each year. She plans on furthering her education and knowledge through The Pankey Institute.

Gail has been the owner and operator of Perfect Impressions, Inc. since 1986. Perfect Impressions is a Certified Dental Laboratory, Empress certified, AACD accredited OBI trained facility.

Perfect Impressions is a state of the art laboratory with highly trained technicians that balance their creativity and talent in the industry. With an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, the technicians build relationships with doctors while learning their likes and dislikes to constantly deliver custom restorations that impact and change lives.